Who We Are

Jesse Heer

Jesse Heer

Jesse started training and working with dogs as a child. Living in the snow country, where backyard fences don’t exist, Jesse learned the importance of properly training dogs to stay close and obey commands. Always told he “had a way with dogs” he pursued his interest for animals as soon as he was old enough to work. Growing up in Lake Tahoe gave him the opportunity to work with ski patrol K-9 units, wolf rescues and of course family pets. After moving to LA and talking with dog owners he found that many people wanted a better relationship with their dogs but were unable to achieve success. Jesse’s natural instincts and training techniques help dogs and their caregivers to understand each other. Resulting in a better overall home life for all involved.


Scott Shanahan

Scott began his professional career as a canine specialist in 2005, but has been a dog lover his entire life. With a background in management and customer service, Scott strives to provide his clients with the best pet-care services available today. He’s extremely proud of the unique exercise-through-training approach that Capital K-9 has worked so hard to develop with their walking and socializing clients – a method that is not only effective while the animals are in their care, but which also extends to a more pleasurable walking experience for the owners when the animals are at home. As a trainer, Scott finds great fulfillment in helping his clients to achieve results, whether their dogs be timid or aggressive, and prides himself on the close relationships he’s developed with both the humans and canines he’s worked with over the years.